The Chef recommends

Homemade strawberries lemonade
 Water Kropla Delice, fresh strawberries, lemon, sugar syrup, fresh mint
Salad with watermelon
tomatoes, shallot, caramel, Gorgonzola cheese, sunflower and pumpkin seeds,
balsamico cream
Spicy prawns
baked lemon, parsley, butter, white wine, garlic crouton
Trio of cold vegetable soups 
cold borsch soup with quail egg and chives
tomato soup with croutons and red onion
 fresh cucumber soup with spinach and roasted pumpkin seeds
Grilled Limousine roast beef
young potatoes, broad beens, kale, botfly, roasted young onion
Codfish loin
buckwheat bulgur, zucchini, parsley, pepper
Black currant parfait
puff stuffed with whipped cream, chocolate, fruits, vanilla sauce
A choice of homemade sorbet and ice-cream:
- raspberry with cardamom sorbet
- ginger - lemon sorbet
- chocolate / raspberry / brandy ice-cream
Advocat Creme - we recommend it for desserts!
Manifactured using the traditional method based on selected grain spirit and
yellow chicken eggs from organic farming Produced for the Vodka House by the
original recipe of the Warsaw Ratification 1888 from the Vodka Museum
 in Warsaw.

4cl / 12,-

Allergen information available on request.