Original lard made of duck meat and natural collagen
prepared according to our recipe, served fresh 
baked bread, Hajnówka pickled cucumber, and red onion
St. Lawrence herring in 2 choices
Baltic herring marinated in St. Lawrence oil, served with boiled potatoes
- with forest mushrooms, dried plums and rosemary
- with chopped white onion and dill
Avocado & tomato tartar
with rocket, capers, Grana Padano cheese flakes, garlic toast 
and balsamic vinaigrette
Wild game pâté
roasted with juniper and rosemary, served with marinated 
forest mushrooms, grated horseradish, cucumbers, bread baked by us 
and our original butter
Tatar made with the best Polish beef tenderloin
served with a selection of traditional side dishes: 
marinated forest mushrooms pickled cucumber, 
onion and yolk - on request
Roasted meat and sausage board (for 2 persons)
neck, pork loin, bacon and wild game pâté 
and Kindziukas, maturing spicy sausage, smoked Polish sausage 
smoked liverwurst, duck lard, marinades, picked horseradish, 
Hajnówka pickled cucumbers, horseradish&cranberry sauce
Polish regional country cheese board - for two
a selection of the best cheeses from various regions of Poland: 
Warmia and Mazury, Podlasie, Mazovia, Podkarpacie and Kashubia, 
served with raspberry&cranberry honey of our product

* We recommend crispy bread of our baking and the Folk Gospoda butter of our product - we produce it in the traditional way, with real cottage cream, without preservatives or any additives. It owes its unique taste and delicacy to the manual production process.