Main courses

Polish traditional pork cutlet
browned and juicy, served with a home-made mizeria [cucumber&cream] salad
Potato pancake
a crispy potato pancake with beef stewed in red wine, 
baked under “Oscypek” smoked cheese from Mr. Józef of Rabka
Vegetarian tart
with seasonal vegetables, cheese, and a choice of sauces
Duck à la Count Branicki
confited duck legs with Silesian dumplings, baked apple with cranberry, 
and edible rowanberry sauce
Oven pork ribs (750 g)
a noble portion of barrel-marinated and oven-baked ribs, served 
on a wooden board, with Polish-style potatoes and mustard sauce
Oven-baked pork knuckle
brown and juicy, roasted in buckwheat honey and dark beer glaze, served on
stewed cabbage with grated horseradish and traditional mustard
Giacomo Casanova lamb shank
stewed for 12 hours in herbs and garlic, served with spätzle fried 
with oyster mushrooms and Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka sauce and green pepper
Folkburger - chopped beef steak made of juicy,
selected beef from chopped,

carefully selected beef with tomato, onion, Hajnówka pickled cucumber 
and Cheddar cheese, seasoned with mustard and herbs, served in a bread roll of 
our baking with tavern fries
Deer steak
served with spätzle fried with oyster mushrooms with brisket and hunter’s sauce
Charolaise sirloin steak
made of the best Polish seasoned beef, served with forest mushroom and cognac&pepper sauce