Oscypek Podhalański from Joseph of Rabka
in crispy pastry with cranberry-horseradish sauce, pumpkin-pear jam,
red peppercorns and ginger
Grilled game sausages - homemade prepared according to our recipe
served with onion chutney, horseradish, mustard and our homemade bread
Baked vegetables board
seasonally: beet, carrot, parsley, celery, cauliflower, zucchini, spring onion, pumpkin
marinated in fresh herbs and garlic, with olive oil, served with kale pesto and vegan avocado mayonnaise
A fine board of hot appetizers ( for two ) - perfect with our “Beer Tower”
hot tenderloin chicken, baked kabanos-sausage, plum wrapped in slices of smoked bacon,
white marjoram-garlic sausage, baked cheese with rustic smoked bacon, onion rings and
a choice of sauces
Our famous dumplings  
Plate of dumplings Folk Gospoda - for two
15 homemade dumplings in 5 different flavors:
with spinach and goat cheese, with spicy Podhale lamb and mushroom sauce,
  with meat and cracklings, sauerkraut and wild mushrooms, Russian style (with cottage cheese) 
We recommend a cup of borsch or chicken bouillon to pair with dumplings 10,-