The last Inn of its kind…

     FOLK GOSPODA (the Folk Inn) is one of the oldest restaurants in Warsaw.
Its history goes back to the XVII century, to a time when Grzybów (part of today’s district of Warsaw called Wola) was the capital of trade and beer. This district, alone, was home to 28 breweries and local markets,  which were a melting pot of cultures and nations.

     According to the legend , it is at the location of today’s Inn  that in 1766 , the wounded  General Ksawery Branicki  was treated after his duel with the famous Italian seducer Giacomo Casanova . Three years later, the place was visited by Tadeusz Kosciuszko  who celebrated here his promotion to the rank of captain.

     Unfortunately, the Inn burnt down during the 1831 uprising of the Wola district, led by General Sowiński against the Muscovites.

     Restored in 2004, Folk Gospoda is now a lively restaurant in the heart of the city , whose atmosphere and hospitality attracts both locals and guests from all over the World . Folk Gospoda is the perfect place for those looking for real Polish cuisine , natural food and authentic tastes.

     Our goal is to provide our guests with the highest possible quality of food. We serve traditional Polish dishes in an original and unique edition.

     Carefully refined culinary traditions, specially selected suppliers, the use of fresh and local produce, homemade  confectionery, butter  and even home baked bread,
make Folk Gospoda stand out on the culinary map of Warsaw. All our dishes,  a unique marriage of tastes, smells
and colors, bring together cultural and culinary traditions from all regions of Poland.

     Folk Gospoda is a family restaurant. The Saturday and Sunday meal feasts, famous amongst Warsaw people, welcome children , parents and grandparents to share a traditional meal like it used to be done in the past.

     Our passion and involvement were rewarded several times by Polish and International prizes .

     We kindly invite old and new guests to enjoy our Polish cuisine in the atmosphere and surroundings of a 100 year old barn.

You are welcome.
Marzena i Piotr Popińscy